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For the Geologist In All of Us

The owner of Rock-N-Horse Antiques & Collectibles purchased a 1960’s rock shop lapidary inventory in 2015.  After much cleaning and sorting of what at first just looked like buckets of just rocks, turned out to be a huge collection of petrified wood, Petoskey stone, Agate, Crazy Lace Agatod, Obsidian, Jasper, Fossil Geodes and Calcedney.

The collection also included amethyst, tiger eye, malachite, unikite, adventurine, opal, copper, moonstone, crysoprase, garnet, quartz crystals, fossils and peridot turquoise.

Rough-cut chucks and cabochons and other small special pieces are a jewelry maker, stone artist, spiritual rock collector and glass blowers dream come true. 

We also carry a huge selection of cut slabs of every stone you can think of.


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